I have always been fascinated by drums. About the age of 10 years I got a drum set for Nicolaus.
This toy kept it, for all, half an hour, before the sheets are led to crack.
My first real percussion-set came there on my 17th, witch I purchased with my merit as a student.
I was fascinated by the sound that I produced, however, my grandparents were not that fond of.
So out went the drum kit.
The dream, however, continued to exist and again came a percussion-kit.
This time I started classes at the ex-drummer of Johnny Hallyday. I follow those lessons there until now.
After an initial "recruitment" at a beginning band in Asse, which, however, never got off the ground, and some try outs at other bands, I ended up at The Pledge, where I can fully indulge my passion now.
Guy Rosseel : percussion
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