After my school days I attend classical guitar in the Music Academy of Bornem.
Classical guitar was rather fun, but after a few years this came abruptly to an end, because my left arm was heavily affected in a motorcycle accident.
But in 2005, following many guitarless years, I took up the thread again and have registered at “the Department of Jazz and Light Music” of the Music Academy in Aalst.
At the end of 2010 The Pledge was looking for a guitarist and soon I was part of the group.
Together we are a crazy gang and have a good time every Friday night in the attic of our bassist Willy.
Meanwhile, we already are quite a few years further on, made several great, passionate performances and we still amuse us together.
Raf Van Geert : guitar
pledge_band_grijs_speaker.png the_pledge007010.jpg the_pledge007009.gif the_pledge007008.jpg Annemie, voice Guy, percussion Raf, guitar Willy, bass the_pledge007003.jpg Willy, bass