After my musical basic formation in the Fanfare of Borchtlombeek, I followed, around my 10th year, sax tenor in the Music Academy ' foundation De Boeck ' in Roosdaal Pamel. On tenor I played several years in the Orchestra ' JUST WE '.
It was only at my appearance at the Dance Orchestra "the Lucky Boys" that I, for lack of a bass player, learned to play the bass guitar out of necessity.
Since then, I continue to focus on this wonderful instrument and have the saxophone finally exchanged for the bass guitar. Playing bass has now become a passion that I bring with pleasure during our performances with our ' rock-& cover band ' The PLEDGE
Willy Destrijcker : bass guitar
pledge_band_grijs_speaker.png the_pledge007010.jpg the_pledge007009.gif the_pledge007008.jpg Annemie, voice Guy, percussion Raf, guitar Willy, bass the_pledge007003.jpg Willy, bass